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About Us

ResQ Tech is a Cape Town based tech company specializing in developing and producing dedicated software applications for the healthcare and emergency response sectors.

We were founded in 2018 by a group of experts, including Medical Professionals, Data engineers, Application Developers, Emergency Services, and Geospatial data analysts with many years of experience in the medical sector. We have an excellent working relationship with a number of local Universities and institutes of higher education in South Africa and cooperate with them extensively.

Product Lines

We have developed a number of successful product lines including emergency incident management, clinical management, and emergency response assistance software. We are in the process of beta testing our latest product; COVID-19 tracking, tracing and mapping software. For more about these and more products visit our Services & Products page.

Global Business Operation

We are interested in expanding our business operations on the global stage and are looking to work with partners throughout the world.
At present we are seeking beta-testers and local brand managers. Contact us for more information about joining the ResQ Tech team.

Services Services and Products

Research and Development Services

  • Our research and development team develops dedicated proprietary software products for the healthcare and emergency response sectors.
  • We focus on developing software that integrates a range of technologies, including geospatial location for rescue services, contact tracing, as well as risk tracker GPS aided assistance.
  • Our in-house team works with a group of experienced tech experts and programmers hired on a per project basis.
  • Over the years we have developed a close relationship with a number of leading academic institutions who cooperate with us in our research activity.


Our emergency response and rescue software is compatible with a variety of platforms including cell phones, PCs, as well as on dedicated rugged hand held sets for responders in the field.

  • Emergency Incident Management Software

    ResQ Tech's emergency incident management software enables commanders to locate and manage resources during emergency incidents and large scale disasters. At any given moment the software enables them to:

    • Know the location of first responders and emergency crews
    • View detailed maps and imagery of the incident location
    • Produce tactical plans based on up to date data
    • Manage resources accurately
    • Data transfer and live communications with crews on the ground
    • Efficient and effective up to the minute command and control across the board
    • Collaborate, co-ordinate and manage the situation with other emergency services and crew commanders
    • We recommend that this software can be bundled with our Emergency and rescue geo-location software in order to provide an enhanced, full theatre management and location suite

    Emergency & Rescue Geo-Location Software

    • ResQ Tech's emergency and rescue geo-location software enables emergency responders to locate and carry out rescue operations.
    • Our software combines input from a variety of sources including drones and response team live camera feeds with mapping and GIS data to help pinpoint casualties.
    • In addition to visual range imaging we input thermal, infra-red, and GPS data to enhance our capabilities.
    • Depending on jurisdiction and legislation our software can also access cellular data in order to pinpoint casualties.
    • This software can be used as a stand-alone app; for emergency first response commanders we recommend that it be bundled together with our Emergency incident management software.

    Healthcare Clinical Management Software

    • In today's world clinical management is highly complex and demands a great deal of attention to detail.
    • With ResQ Tech's clinical management software medical professionals can manage their practice efficiently.
    • Our software covers a range of features including electronic patient records, online consults, patient follow up, imaging and lab test results access, prescription management, booking and billing, as well as insurance verification among others.
    • Our software is compatible with PCs and cell devices (Android and iOS). We offer encrypted remote access to authorized medical personnel, at all times patient data is secure.

    Emergency Assistance Software

    • ResQ Tech's emergency assistance software enables emergency responders to give speedy assistance to members of the public directly to their device (cell phone or PC) prior to, or in conjunction with, dispatching emergency crews to their location.
    • Responders can assess the situation in real time and provide initial guidance and assistance accordingly.

    COVID-19 Tracking, Tracing & Mapping Software

    • The R&D team at ResQ Tech is currently beta testing our newest product line aimed to assist in contact tracing for the COVID-19.
    • One of the applications' outstanding features is a high risk area heat map with real time alerts. This feature allows decision makers and health officials to focus attention and resources on regions where they are needed most, to monitor handling and treatment of the pandemic in real time, and to prevent the transmission of the virus to areas less affected.

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